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 Individuals  with disability:
Useful assessment techniques are valuable. Possessing knowledge of an individual's psychosocial, medical, and functional condition is important. Information received during this process used by  facilities, practitioners, the client, and relatives to develop an inclusive plan for therapy and potential care decisions. This information aids in long-term care. 

A Complete medical and mental health functional status is important in determining the needs of the client. Simple activities such as- unable to transfer out of bed, showering, toileting, preparing meals and making the bed are difficult task for an elderly. These functions are known as activities of daily living (ADLs). An individual inability of performing these basic skills without assistance is    functional impairment a disability cause by aging, illnesses, accidents, or birth defects.  

Bathing, eating, limited mobility, etc. are not the only roles affected. Medication management, money management, shopping, is also affected.  This disability is known as instrumental ADLs (IADLs) Individuals in need of assistance from an agency or an organization 

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